Sunday, November 26, 2006

21 Months

Well, 21 months came and went during 'hell week'.
Luckily we are all pretty much recovered and seem to be doing quite well.
The Bug is settling back into a nice sleep routine, and The Bee is back to not napping, so back to normal!
It's nice to see them eating again which makes me feel better, but they can really eat a lot when they are hungry. I'm sure this is just the very beginning of trying to keep two growing boys fed into adulthood. Especially with their father's genes. He can eat like no man I've ever seen, and still maintains his svelte form. That's right. Charming and svelte.

It surprised me the other day when I was taking photos how much my boys have changed lately. They just continue to morphe into little boys right before my eyes, losing their baby-ness along the way. They still are sweet cheeked and baby soft, but they are certainly becoming more capable, more aware, more opinionated and outspoken.

They like to tease and taunt you for tickles. Chase me! Chase me! While they giggle and laugh with all the gusto they can muster. They love to play outside in the snow. They love storybooks. The Bee especially will hand you book after book and sit on your lap while you read to him. He loves music and singing. Even bad singing! He also loves to pull things apart or knock things down.
Especially if The Bug is putting things together or building things.

The Bug likes to organize things. He still loves legos and cars. He likes to organize his cars. He is good at picking up and putting things away. He is a pretty easygoing happy guy, except for the occasional meltdown when he really really wants something he can't have. Like Grandma's cell phone. He is also very good at opening and closing doors. And opening. And closing. And opening. And closing. The louder the better.

The Bee has also started calling The Bug by name. He can't really say all the letters, so it took a bit to figure out what he was saying. He calls out for his brother when he can't find him, or occasionally scolds him when he is getting into trouble. He can be a bossy little brother!
Most of the time they get along well, and are the best of brothers. I think they would be lost without each other.


Anonymous said...

I think that twins have such a special bond between them. They grow up right beside someone else. I think that makes them stronger people. I am glad that hell week is over for you. Those weeks are not good at all. I have to admit that I get pretty tired of the opening and closing... and opening and closing and opening and closing... That is one thing that gets to me. I think it bugs me so much because one or both of their fingers or toes are in the way usually...

Cute pictures of the tub. I love the peeking out of the tub shots.

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS!!

(We can hardly stand the wait until we can get together & play again!)