Friday, November 24, 2006

Baby Steps

My boys have made a new discovery lately. They have been working on it for a while.

I am not generally a morning person, especially if it has been a particularly rough night. We've had a few of those lately, with moving and Daylight Savings and sickness, we have had a difficult time getting our groove back.

One morning last week, CH and I were both trying to squeeze in a few more winks, while trying to ignore the increasingly intolerant bellows from the nearby bedrooms.
Then quiet.
Then a thump, followed by an opening door and the exhuberant footsteps of a 21 month old little boy finally realizing his freedom. Free at last!

My heart skipped a beat as I didn't know whether to cringe in fear at this lifechanging alteration or laugh along with his squeal of delight. Maybe a little of both.

Being able to get out of bed makes for a whole new ballgame. The Bee has now mastered the art, particularily at naptime, which he shuns on a regular basis.

Maybe I should look at this as a step towards that glorious day when they will get themselves up and get their own breakfast and watch Saturday morning cartoons while mommy and daddy get to sleep in!


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Wow! Coordinated, smart little fellows aren't they?! Does this mean they're moving into "big-boy-beds"?

Peace Sweet Peas said...

Oh the mastering of the door knob is not a happy thing.. I mean sure eventually you do want them to be able to open the door of the house so they can leave home and get married but until then... We put the child safety door knob thingy on the inside of Jane's door it didn't even slow her down - not even for a day.

Anonymous said...

That is sure a crazy time... I recommend dressing up like the scariest monster you can think of and stand outside their door. Every time they open the door you make bad monster sounds and limp towards them. Follow it up with fairy tails like Hansel and Gretel and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre... Oh wait I don't think that last one is a fairy tail... Every time they start to cry tell them that a monster is going to come and eat them if they cry... After all it is monsters who are attracted to the sounds of crying

There you should have no more problems with them coming out of their rooms...

P.S) Please do not try this... This is meant as a joke only...