Monday, November 10, 2008

For Your Christmas List

You may remember a while back when I won this fabulous giveaway over at Tutus and Turtles. I know it's been a while, but I thought it was worth mentioning the generous contributors once again in case you need some help with your Christmas List. Everything came in the mail without any problem, from across the US and even from Canada (hooray!). I would definitely recommend ordering any of these products online as there were no problems with shipping. Easy shopping!
(ok, because I am a bit slow with the technology I can't figure out how to post web photos with my mac...I used to know how with my old linkety links it will have to be)

This bracelet from Bubbalucas is so sweet. It came in a perfect little heart pocket. I could tell a lot of care and attention went into this handmade gift. And Jeanine was delightful.

Redfish Kids is a great Canadian/Vancouver company. I ordered some of the outfits for The Babe in slightly larger sizes so she can wear them in the spring, even though this pretty is for New Year's Eve! Also great packaging.

I have to admit that I was quite excited about the Pediped shoes. And I have to say, they are just as adorable as I thought they would be. You can buy these in the city too, which is always good for trying on. Love them! (these boots weren't available, but I'm going to keep my eye out for them too-LOVE)

Ladybugs and Lilypads have a large selection of beautiful products. The Birthday Cake and the Smoothie Set are just adorable, and well made. They are nice to hold and lots of creative fun.

How Fast They Grow has a lot of lovely scrapbooking templates, but don't ship to Canada yet. I will be checking back in early 2009.

All of these Zooni hats are so delightful! Great packaging and prompt mailing. They are just such fun hats to wear. Flower Power!

Hey Shabby Baby! I don't know what's cuter, the dress or the little model. This is another pretty we're saving for spring.

And what's cooler than being seen on Oprah? Promom Couture. I'm sure I'm way cooler with this T than I am without! It's really soft cotton and nicely fitted.

There are lots of goodies at Present By Design but I picked out something nice for myself. I love this pendant and it came in the greatest package. Get one for youself!

With so many girlie gifts, I felt the need to pick out something for my little boys. On the rare occasion that they change out of Spiderman.
Lark and Loon have some superfun T-shirts. Ruff! It came in a handy reusable bag.
And some fun stuff for the tiny rebel in your life, Rebel Ink. And this fits my Bug to a tee!

Aveda, Aveda, Aveda! This is good stuff. Especially for a Bee with exczema. But it's really just nice for everyone. Scented, unscented, all gentle. I'm pretty picky about scents. I have a sensitive nose/allergies. My favorite scent though is the Calming Comfort Lavender Vanilla. It smells like fresh, clean babies!

And finally Princess Tots Boutique. Who can resist a princess in a tutu? Not me. I love the matching hat and bracelet. Fit for a princess!

Thanks again to everyone, and especially to Holly at Tutus and Turtles. Happy Shopping!


Tay said...

On your Mac you should be able to just use your mouse and drag photos off almost any website and onto your desktop, then select them through your editing screen when you compose your blog posts.

Hope that makes sense! Just popped in the see what you are up to these days.

:) Tay

Two Mittens said...

Thanks Tay! And thanks for stopping by... =)