Thursday, November 06, 2008

Baby Girl 17 Months

I think I will continue updating in months for her for a while yet. Everything is still changing so fast.
This past month The Babe has been enjoying her baby dolls. Girls are truly different from boys. Not in all ways, but it's fun to see her girliness. She still wants to play with the big boys, which usually means a lot of squealing and squawking from her. Also girlie. In protest. Being the baby sister is a tough job sometimes.
Things are going spectacularly well in the sleep dept. HURRAY! I have cherished some of those late night snuggles, but sleeping through the night is a relief.
She continues to make progress in communication. Making her desires known. Fairly loudly. She's also good with the kisses and every night at bedtime goes to daddy for hugs and blows him kisses.
She loves to talk on the 'phone'. Which may mean any hand held object. Hello...hello!
Although she did manage to lock Daddy's cell phone. And the password is her secret.
The Babe has also taken to lying on the ground, crying and kicking when the mood hits her. It's tough to take her too seriously. Although I'm sure she wishes we would.


Peace Sweet Peas said...

I love the walking away photo. AND I'm so glad to hear that you're sleeping through the nights!!!!! Thanks so much for the Creative Family book it is very inspiring. I think we;re going to try felting balls first.

Peace Sweet Peas said...

Also I'm using some of her ideas for Christmas presents. E is definetly ready for an embrodery hoop and the finger knitting ( I ordered her some really soft yarn to work with) and I don't know if Z has the dexterity yet but I ordered her some fun yarn too. It's just such a perfect stocking stuffer.

We love the picture album - hard to believe it has been 10 months but they all look really different.Tony's taking a couple of months hre to be at the birth and be with the baby and then back to Cowtown and job search. So although slower then we anticipated we're still planning for the south.

I was quite convinced that the baby was going to be early but now I'm not so sure; still I'm 37 weeks tomorrow so soon this new baby will be here and I won't have time or space to be creative at all for a while. You could say I'm feeling a bit intimidated.

Go Cards said...

okay she is growing too fast! love the pictures, what a sweet little one, I know my little one loves her!