Thursday, June 26, 2008

The P Word

Potty training.
I have one boy who seems ready to go. Umm...literally. The other one may take a bit longer. I'm sort of prepared physically, but not quite mentally.
I'm looking forward to the end result, but I am extremely wary of the in-between time.
So please give me your thought, advice, what worked for you, what totally didn't...whatever you have on the topic.
Pull Ups, sticker charts (I have both), candy treat rewards, potty dance, big potty, little potty...???



Jamie said...

Ick - potty training - the absolute worse part of parenting...thus far.
I am convinced that it's the child that decides when to be potty trained - at least my child. You can try every trick in the book, but until they are ready, there's not a lot you can do. Sorry, no profound suggestions - I tried EVERYTHING.

sciencegeek said...

I only have one suggestion. Use a big potty with one of those little seats that just fit onto the toilet seat. This will make things easier on you because instead of having two toilets to clean you will just have one!
As Jamie said, I have nothing profound to say. I also tried everything and it took a very long time. Pull-ups were really nice to have though, for clean up reasons. The ones that change colour or whatever they do are good. (Not for the kid though, just for you so you can tell if they have managed to stay dry. Caspian never cared when the picture disappeared!)