Thursday, June 05, 2008


Often I have a few things humming around in my head...things or projects I'd like to be doing while I'm actually loading the dishwasher or making peanut butter wraps. My head seems busier than usual lately...

This list may only be for my interest, as I will likely forget everything otherwise, but here's what I'm thinking about:

Little wooden chairs. I have a chair I painted a few years back, but I'd like to find a new one and paint it a light/white color to use as a prop.

Some nice photos of The Babe for her First Birthday. I really want to do this, but it seems difficult to get all my stars aligned. I tried a few today, but not what I was hoping for.
Although I think I've found a great location.

Make another tutu!

Container gardening. I'd like to plant a few things for the first time. I think my husband is still disappointed I didn't get any done last year. (helloooo...newborn baby in the house)

I'm no great seamstress (yet another disappointment), but there are a couple of things I'd like to do. I find the entire process of sewing frustrating. Maybe I just need to keep at it?? I have some sweet Amy Butler fabric I'd like to make into cushions. And I adore this.

I'm working on a couple of books. No, not the great novel or anything, but photo books you can put together online with Heritage Makers. It's fun. I'm looking for some more visual inspiration.

Photography in general. I like to keep learning. I'd like to be making progress. Any progress I may be making feels incredibly slooooow.

And on a slightly (totally) different tangent, I baked salmon tonight. With some inspiration from Julie. And some mango salsa. Fish scares me. It's tasty, but I have no idea what to do with it. But it was EASY. And YUMMY. So try it out!

AND...from me to you...from some other interweb are some popsicle recipes I'm going to check out. Or maybe just throw them in the ice-cream maker.


Jamie said...

Love that apron - so cute!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

The apron is so adorable! I bought one for W this past's so cute to see him "cooking" with me in his little blue apron with bears on it. Funny.
I too have a list humming through my head....but have yet to execute it...a pattern waiting to sew, etc etc.
The tutu is tre adorable!
I've been attempting to institute salon into our weekly meals too...I usually throw honey, soy sauce on it...pretty ok. Thanks for the tip via Julie.
You're doing awesome. Mrs Mittens. Everytime I peruse your blog and see your latest photography exhibits I am even more inspired to get clicking and learning. Thanks for that!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

uh, that would be salmon, not salon into our weekly menu.
Salon...freudian slip??? Wanting some beauty moments...maybe....:)