Sunday, October 28, 2007

I Love You Zoo

The kids in the twomittens household had a pretty fun weekend. We all went to a Halloween party on Friday night with fun music and lights and treats. The Bee proudly wore his costume, but The Bug would not. Oh well. I'm hoping I can reason with him (bribe him) for the real Halloween or it will be very sad indeed.

Saturday the family hit Boo at the Zoo with Nana and Poppa and cousins K and C. Super fun! They actually got to get out of the stroller! The Bee spent a lot of time holding tight to Poppa's hand and getting a good look at things. The Bug spent a lot of time trying to get away from us and just do his own thing.

Regardless, it was a fun, although exhausting day for all.

This was written on the wall on the way out...

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Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Sweet Sleepy bunny.
It looks like one of your boys is trying to break out ...look out caged animal here!