Thursday, October 11, 2007


I believe that words are powerful. Written or spoken. Good and bad. Words make a difference. Use them wisely.
I also believe that there is a kind of visceral beauty in the formation of letters and words. The way they sound and feel and have texture and context beyond the message they spell out.

A few years back I did a series of works based on text. Sort of poetry, but in a more visual context. While I was working on them it was as if the words were characters or musical notes that moved in their own rhythm and bumped up against each other in a fluid motion.
Kooky, but true.

So this really piqued my interest. Thanks again to the lovely Tay.

Do you ever need to “tie a string around your finger” to remember something important?

This little ring can be a powerful tool for personal transformation. I originally made a few for myself to help me remember to focus on body-positive messages as I went through my day. Then I made a few for friends and it grew into a large collection.

An affirmation.

i love you
precious body
wonderfully made
be here now
my body is a temple
remember me
body revolution

From the list I chose two.

i love you - not that I need to remember to love my loved ones, but I like the reminder to think about them. Maybe show them.
(Or maybe I need to remember why I haven't sent them to live with real wild monkeys where they'd be more at home.)


precious body - because when my body doesn't look the way it once did, and
I get discouraged by all the physical havoc caused by birthing babies, I remember that their precious bodies were created by mine.

I think I would also add to the list:
with gratitude
and just for fun...kitten...!

And you?


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

...couldn't agree more...
just yesterday I was looking at your Hot Spots wondering which I would order & if you had yet.
I beleive whole heartedly in affirmations....thought or spoken.
I remember your word-works & quite enjoyed them...and believe there is even one hanging in my home..a little prose with a dragon fly...still quite appreciated.

thattwirlgirl said... lovely to find myself quoted here...thank-you, it's a blessing from the beauty that is the web.

When I first started making installations in art school, I worked with text a lot. Words are so powerful! For me, they often hold meaning more pointed than images. The greatest thing about the little silver rings is that you can choose exactly what the affirmation is going to mean to YOU.

I love reading about what the two you chose mean to you. Thanks for inviting me to pause here a while.

Two Mittens said...

And what are your affirmations Mrs. M????

And thanks for your comments twirlgirl. Feel free to stop by anytime!