Thursday, October 25, 2007

Baby Girl 5Months

Wow, 5months already. I really feel like she is growing so incredibly fast. And she is because that's how it works with babies. But it's shocking sometimes. And I love her as a baby. And I'm sure I'll love her regardless of what age she is, but being a baby is special and so short compared to all the rest of your life.

And I know I already mentioned it, but she has teeth already. She doesn't need them yet, but she has them.

She's still not sleeping all that well, especially when she has the snuffles, which seems to be a lot. I think she's just getting over them again as she slept much better last night. She gets stuffed up often.
Also she has really found her voice. And by voice I mean a high pitched squeal that sounds a lot like a cat with its tail caught in a door. And LOUD. Ears are bleeding, stop it now noise.

But one of my most favorite things is the way she giggles. If you tickle her she scrunches up and has the most amazing giggle. Pure sunshine.
Last night when I put The Bee to bed I had The Babe with me. I'm not sure what set her off, but she was looking at The Bee and just started giggling. And then she did it again. Laughing her little baby pants off. I told The Bee she thought he was special. A great big brother, so he kissed her on the head.

It's not always obvious what the boys think of their little sister, but it's pretty obvious how she feels about them!

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Peace Sweet Peas said...

oh my goodness...your children are so adorable. one of the most rewarding parts of all of this for me is seeing the kids interact with each other; it is so joyful.