Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Going Green

Slime that is.
We're still eating a lot of crap over here. But I am trying to inject some more greens into our diets. And it's not like I don't like veggies, because I do. And the kids eat a lot of fruit and veg without too much trouble. But can you really ever eat too much?
Veggies I mean.
Not pasta and cheese. And chocolate.
I saw Jessica Seinfeld a few weeks ago on the big O. She has a new cookbook with recipes that inject veg purees into various foods. Good idea. Never hurts right?
I haven't been that organized yet, but I thought I'd pass along my own sneaky veg snacks...

Right now I'm adding pumpkin puree to everything. The key thing is not too much or I don't like the consistency, especially in smoothies.
The kids' favorite 'milk shake' is just milk and banana. I find I can throw in a couple of spoonfuls of pumpkin, without much notice. Or add it to mac 'n cheese or tomato sauce or desserts, or whatever.

But my biggest deal yet is the spinach smoothie. No kidding. You can actually add spinach to your fruit smoothie, and it tastes JUST LIKE FRUIT. Not gross at all.
Here's my latest version. Adjust quantities to taste.
banana or fruit of your choice (pineapple is also good)
fruit juice
couple spoonfuls of pumpkin puree
half avocado (great texture)
couple handfuls of fresh spinach

blend and enjoy


Peace Sweet Peas said...

WOW What a cool idea. I remember your pumpkin trick and was using it for a while and just the other day I was thinking that I should get some out again. But wow what a great idea. I am definetly giong to try this. You are a great inspiration!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Sweet peas is right! Inspiring great ideas!
We had pumpkin muffins over the weekend and I'm definately going to try adding it to meat sauce etc.
I checked out Jessica's website...one day I'll invest in the book. It looks great.

Peace Sweet Peas said...

We tried your smoothie today and it worked really well. E really enjoyed helping me make it but I don't think she actually drank any of it but Z liked it. I made sweet potato pancakes for lunch which E ate some of and Z didn't realy eat but I don't think that was because of the sweet potato because I really couldn't taste it.

Two Mittens said...

Sweet Potato pancakes sound yummy. I tried to make them once and it was a disaster. Maybe I should actually use a recipe...

I'm wondering how far we could push the green smoothie...broccoli is probably too far!