Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Germ Warfare

So the good news is that we went away for the weekend to my parent's place and had a ball there. The snow was piled higher than the kids are tall!
Photo updates to follow.

But the chicklets and I are sick again. Or still. Colds. Stuffy heads and runny noses and general yuckiness. The Bee has a horrible cough, especially at night. It seems we are in a vicious cycle of being stuck in the house being miserable, but everytime we are well enough to go out, something else finds us, and we're stuck at home sick again. UHG.

I hate to even talk about it, because I am at least as sick of being sick as you are of hearing about it, but that is what's going on.
We are really hoping life will resume again at it's regular speed. Very soon.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

We'll send good health vibes!
Silly question but...have you guys tried some extra vitamins, etc to boost health? There's some good ones out there...when W was little we used a probiotic supplement to boost his immune system bc of my being on antibitotics at birth & later while seems to have worked...just a thought anyway.
Hang in there, the mucous will dry up soon & the baby seal barking will end!

Two Mittens said...

We'll take any advice we can get! Thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

That totally sucks!!!! I am really sorry to hear that. I hope that you are all better very soon.