Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

** I don't know what happened to my photos here...they worked fine when I had them up, then slowly started disappearing...maybe they will reappear??**

Happy first day of 2007.
I think Christmas 2006 was a smashing success!

We started two days before Christmas with the birthday of our beloved Capricorn, CH. Yes, the goat. Imagine that. We spent a fairly quiet day, because unlike myself, CH doesn't like much hoopla. He is a quiet birthday person.
The kids made cards, and 'helped' me make a cake. As you can tell from the licking of the beaters. And by make a cake, I mean I bought an angel food cake, sliced it into layers, and filled it full of pudding and bananas, and whipped cream and mango puree. It looks like pancakes, but it tasted delicious!

From there we had a festive Christmas eve here at home, with great friends.

Then a day with CH's family, and then a few days with me and the kiddos at my parent's place, along with extended family.
Our own little Christmas miracle was the fact that for the first time ever, we had a peaceful happy car ride. In fact, all our travel went very well. An angel must have got his wings!

The highlite, I think for the kids (other than being the center of attention, and adored everywhere we went), was CARS. Oddly enough, none of us had seen the movie, but about a month ago we got a box of baby wipes with pictures on the side. The boys loved it. The Bug especially likes to carry it around with him.
Santa brought the movie and two 'Smak and Yak' soft cars that say 'ouch' when you bang them around. I think The Bug has slept with it ever since. And we have all enjoyed the movie. Several times already. With several more showings to come, I'm sure.
The Bug carries the cardboard case from the dvd around with him like a book and will often stop and 'read' it as he looks carefully at all the pictures. Yep, cardboard. All the entertainment you need!


Peace Sweet Peas said...

Happy New Year! Both DH and I love the pictures of the boys enjoying their presents. They look so seriuos in teh Christmas eve pic - so adorable. And I love that they love Cars... I've been wanting to see it; it sounds great. I love when the kids adopt something and just want to have it all the time. I'm so glad htat you had a good holiday!

Mrs Hatter said...

they sure were adorable!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

So glad to hear all the festive tidings and travels went well. Yay for no tear road trips!