Friday, January 19, 2007

23 Months

New tools from Grandma.

Helping Daddy build our new chairs and table.

The Bug.

The boys reached the 23 month mark earlier this week. It seems like a lot has happened this month. We enjoyed a great Christmas and New Year having much fun with family and friends. January has been much quieter but we've still managed to find time for playdates with good friends and some new ones too. We went for a horse driven sleigh ride in the mountains, and had a blast sledding down a small hill nearby with Daddy and Auntie J.

The Bee has improved his sleeping habits...somewhat. There is still room for improvement, but he has actually slept all the way through some nights. Hooray!
He has also developed a new interest lately. Colouring. I've had them colouring a bit on paper with pencil crayons (more difficult to eat or break) for a while now, but recently we tried REAL crayons. The Bee loves them. He is great at colouring and loves to take the crayons out of the box and put them back in. The Bug seems to get bored fairly quickly, but The Bee will fill his whole page. It makes me happy to see him enjoy something that I enjoyed so much as a kid.

My easy going, happy little Bug has somehow turned into a moody teenager over the past few weeks. I suspect it's an early response to turning 'terrible two' (teenagers and two year olds are really much the same). He's had a couple of full-on temper tantrums, both in public of course, and will carry on, and on long after he can remember what he's upset about, I'm sure. This usually requires him laying face down on the floor and wailing or screaming. Eventually it will taper off, but then he will throw in a few half-hearted sobs just for effect. He doesn't give up easily. I seem to recall my own mother mentioning my stubborness as a child, and unwilling to let go of something when I was upset. It must be coincidence...
On a more fun note, the boys are still fascinated with Cars. They watch at least a few minutes of the movie almost every day, especially at bedtime with Daddy. And if I try to expand their repetoir to say, Nemo or some other pale comparison, they simply keep repeating 'Car-Cars?' as if to say 'What is this crap? I don't see any cars? Are the cars coming?'
The Bug finally wore out his DVD cardboard cover by loving it to pieces. I got him a box of Cars valentines, mostly just for the box and he pores over it and studies it like the daily news. It is of the utmost and unending interest for him. Weird, but cute!
That's my boys...weird, but cute.


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious my boys absolutely love that movie too! Although they do get kind of scared when the combine chases them down after they go tractor tipping... Hilarious! I found out that when our boys would not sleep well it was usually caused by teething.... Now they usually sleep pretty good... thank goodness.....

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

So fun! This mom buisness brings a new kind of fun & excitement to life.