Monday, December 04, 2006

Hipster Love

I just got this email from my cousin, Ben. He's the drummer for the Hipsters. They're a great band, and I think this will be a terrific evening. Just passing on the love if anyone would care to join us...and that's GREEK band, not geek band...!

Hi Friends,
On December 17th (Sunday evening), the Rembetika Hipsters (Ben's Greek band) are celebrating 10 years together as a band with a Winter concert at the Epcor Centre's Engineered Air theatre. We're going to put on our best performance ever, and it will be recorded for a live album. There will be exotic instruments, guest performers, both of our incredibly talented violinists, great food, and more. The venue is costing us a small fortune, so we want to make sure to fill the place up! Tickets are available in Calgary at Megatunes and Pegasus restaurant, or you could reserve your ticket through me or any of the Rembetika Hipsters. Please do pass this on to your friends who would be interested in a fabulous evening of World music.
Happy Holidays,
Ben Johnson & the Rembetika Hipsters

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Mr Hatter said...

If you end up going, give Ben our love and congratulatons.