Thursday, December 14, 2006

22 Months

This has been a busy month. I guess they all are. Maybe it's just the added mayhem of Christmas approaching.

The Bee is very busy with taking his clothes off, but he has also started putting them on. That can only be good news! He especially likes putting his pants and socks on. Although he sometimes gets tangled in one leg and needs a bit of help. He also likes to pull them up reeeallly high in the front, but leaves his diaper hanging out the back. Oh well.
He is more likely to take his shirt off than put it on. Especially at dinner time in his high chair. He often will pull one arm out, and then it will somehow end up with both out, and the neck hole around his waist, or just off completely. At the very least he cannot leave his bib on. Something must come off.
He also must take his shoes and often socks off in the car. I guess it's all he can reach. I am thankful for that.
The Bee is also a busy boy with a shovel, broom or the vacu-flo. If we go outside to play he will insist on sweeping or shovelling. He is afraid of the noisy vacu-flow, but will set out with it once it is quiet. He has work to do!

The Bug seems to have gotten over his nightmares, thankfully, and is back to his cheerful/sleepy self. Such a relief! He is busy at the moment trying to jump. He has trouble getting both feet up, but is working very hard at it, one foot at a time.
He is also quite mischeivous these days. He gets a very distinctive gleem in his eye when he is up to something. Which is often. Then he will giggle like a madman. But at least he keeps his clothes on!


Peace Sweet Peas said...

I love the photos, you are such a good photographer. When you figure out how to explain how to put a shirt on so that it isn't backwards you must tell me because this frustrates Jane so much and I can't figure out how to explain it so she understands.And she has to do it herself so any attempt to help is not happily met. It is nice though when they can do some of the dressing themselves. Of course Zoo also wants to dress herself now which is just a little bit developmentally premature. She is sure developing a big voice to express her suddenly very strong opinions.

Anonymous said...

Ya you really are a great photographer! Those photos rock!