Friday, December 08, 2006

Early Christmas Present

A couple of years ago on my birthday CH took me on a surprise trip to Fernie to pick out a painting from Angela Morgan, at her studio.
Angela herself was friendly and wonderful and it was such a treat to see her work space and get a glimpse at her paintings in progress. We picked out a lovely painting called Breeze and Bucket from the work she had on hand, but the one that I really fell in love with was at a gallery in Regina.

CH and I have agreed to start collecting art as we see pieces we love, and finances permit. I've always wanted to have a house full of beautiful creative artwork.

Over the last several months we have been working towards purchasing Girl and Elevator. Finally today she arrived. As with most artwork I've seen, she is even more stunning in person than her photograph suggests!


Anonymous said...

I desperately want a house full of art as well! I think that it s what separates us from the wild beasts. I believe that you can tell lots about a person by the type of art that they have in their house. Finances are always a funny thing when it comes to art. It seems like there is always something that takes precedents. I would love to come and see Girl and Elevator and whatever else you have hanging on your walls....

Two Mittens said...

You are always welcome! Unfortunately, there's not much else to see yet. I have plans though...yes, I have plans! And it's so true about the finances. It feels very indulgent at times when there are diapers to buy and you have no kitchen table yet.