Thursday, February 23, 2012

Grateful 23/02/12

Whew. Last week was busy and this week the kids are off school. Which means mom is 'on'.

The pros are getting to sleep in and not having to pack lunches or be stuck to a routine. Also, we've had some fun with friends this week. Which is awesome. The Babe and I are often rather hermit-y on our own. Sucks not to have transport.

The cons are of course, the bickering and arguing and whining. Yesterday one of my kids got a special play date which you'd think might help. It only made the other 2 whinier.
Today was much improved. Playing at the park and then at home with friends. We all feel better.

I came across this today via Design Mom.
Read it and have a good laugh. Read the comments too. Then read a few more posts just for fun.
p.s. I loved and miss my mini van.

Other ways I am lame.
I make my kids listen to various Glee soundtracks with the same relish and enthusiasm that my mom 'made' us listen to the Carpenters and Simon and Garfunkel.
(underage listeners should not be listening to Rhianna or Dora - Glee is my happy medium)

I have never taken my kids to see a play or live theater or an art gallery. Even though I love to do those things.
I have taken them swimming even though my bathing suit is ugly and a pool full of kids is gross.

I feel pressure to have my kids' friends like me. I didn't really buy into that in high school and I don't think of my self as being superficial or terribly insecure but I still feel the pressure. I've been burned by a few play date moms and now I want people to like me. What the heII?

Oh and I am constantly on my kids to be nice to each other even though I fought like crazy with my brother. Siblings work really hard to be irritating and know how to really make you feel it. I want them to just suck it up and get over it.
Maybe this is payback.

(if none of this makes sense, read the link. honestly, it's worth the few minutes ;))

And now back to my original post, a few things I am grateful for:

1. Watching my four year old run in her boots and snow pants is ALWAYS entertaining. She kind of bubbles and bips along. Or climbing/falling in the snow. I call her baby bear. She's roley poly and happy and funny and cute.

2. Avocado nirvana. I wish they were easier to come by in this country. As it is, we buy them unripe (and often expensive) and then try to wait the perfect amount of time so they are ripe and perfect before becoming black and gross. I've recently had a batch of perfectly soft creamy lovely avocados. They make the best smoothies.

3. Conversations with adults. I've had a chance to be a little more social this past week (birthday parties, funerals, kids off school, etc) and it has been a treat to see friends/family and even acquaintances I don't always get to spend time with. Lucky me. I know some great people!


Brooke said...

I think you are cool! Never lame. I want a mini van.

Jamie said...

Ha ha - love it.