Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Grateful 07/03/12 Precious Body

1. I spent most of the weekend watching a webinar with Sue Bryce (it was free to watch live and you can purchase the series now). There is a lot of photography information out there but it has been a long time since I felt like I was taking in such a wealth of relevant information. Despite our pitiful internet connection and trying to stay up late and go to church and feed the kids and not lose feeling in my butt, it was fantastic!
She has a lot to say about photography and life and loving and accepting ourselves. And I loved it! Love her.

2. I purchased a ring a few years back that is inscribed with the words, Precious Body. It was made by a woman/artist who was struggling with cancer. I don't know how her struggle turned out, but it still reminds me to be thankful. My body is not perfect but it is powerful and strong. It is capable of miracles. As is yours.
I've made people!

3. And some more good inspiration via A Cup of Jo speaking to the state of motherly bodies:

Their new bodies are substantial and meaningful. And these are the bodies that rule the world. They are the epitome of womanly, with a heft that is curvy and vibrant to the touch. These are the bodies that say “go to your room!” and “I deserve better than that.” and “I will love you with a fierceness you have never seen.”

And nothing against having a great figure, or being petite, or working hard to look fantastic. It's just nice to see more than one plastic standard of beauty in the media. Hurray!


tlr said...

You are an awesome women! And I love that post. Why is it skinny skinny. Why can't we just be happy!! And love what we have and be healthy!

Two Mittens said...

tlr - you rule the world (your world anyway) in an amazing way!