Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Grateful 15/02/12 Valentines

1. Since yesterday was The Bug and The Bee's 7th birthday it always takes me back to their birth. So tiny and sweet and foreign and scary! I can barely believe they're 7.
7 years!!
Before I had kids I didn't get so much what people were always going on about. Of course your kids get older. That's how it works. But at times it felt like they would be tiny and helpless forever and now they are SO BIG. Tall and smart and silly and full of so much life and energy. So. Much. Energy. (if I could just find a way to capture that energy they could probably light up an entire village)
I have plans for a 'proper' photo shoot this year. So hopefully more to come. In the meantime I have cupcakes to bake and games to plan and all that sort of thing for a small party at the end of the week.
But in the mean time I am just so full of love for my healthy, bright, funny, creative boys. I heart you on Valentines day and every day!

2. I am grateful for my husband. He's still the funniest, sexiest man I've ever known. And he knows where to get the best chocolate.

3. I found out yesterday that a lovely friend of mine passed away in her sleep the night before. I hadn't known her for years or spent a ton of time together, but she was the kind of person you get a feeling from. You felt her warmth and love.
She was a wife and a mother and a friend and I'm sure many other things. I think the worst kind of loss is that of a mother. No matter how old you are, your world is not the same without her.

When someone famous and troubled passes away strangers/fans/admirers all mourn the loss of such greatness.
This woman quietly went about her life, serving her family, her community, her friends without fame or fortune. She was humble and hard working and fun and full of love. It's truly a tragedy that she is gone.
I'm thankful to have known her. I'm thankful that I still have my mom. I'm thankful that my kids have a mom. And I pray for her family.

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Mrs. M said...

So sorry to read about your friend. Hugs to you.
I hope her family is getting through this with lots of love surrounding them.
Your big boys! I still initially think of them lying on the leather ottoman getting some kick time little and now little men. *sigh*
Enjoy the love.