Sunday, January 22, 2012

Grateful 22/01/12

1. Family night - on Friday we all went to a hockey game compliments of Mr. Mittens work. While we do spend quite a bit of time together (too much??) it was nice to go out for the evening and spend time with new friends (grown ups and kids) too.
It was great fun to watch all the kids watching the game. It may have been one (or two) periods too long for some 4yr olds, but it was a lot more fun than my usual night out of getting groceries.

2. I am having a great hair day. I almost hate to sleep on it.
I try not to use too many heat products during the week when I'm not going anywhere and before Christmas I tried a new hair color 'experiment' that didn't go as well as I'd hoped. I really should have known better but sometimes I just can't help myself. it all worked out nicely for a change. Yay me.

3. I'm working on a project for Wednesday. It's not a secret or anything, I'm doing a presentation at the kids school for their Arts Day. I plan to go into more detail in an upcoming post. On Sat I had a few hours to get several things accomplished, which depended greatly on the efficiency of others. I was nervous. However, it all got done. Everything really fell into place. It was awesome and I'm really excited about it. I will definitely be getting back to you on the that one!

Happy weekend everybody!


Housewife said...

Yay, Yay, Yay!!!
Can't wait to see/hear about the art project. Have with it....the kids will love it, right Glinda the GW? :)
Wuhoo for a night out! I dream of such goodness....
Sounds like you had some little and big superlicious things this week. Much deserved!

tlr said...

Sounds like fun!
Great hair is always makes for a great day!
Good luck for Wednesday