Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas!

So it's starting to look like I might not get any cards printed this year. It's just the way it has worked (or not worked) out. And instead of getting flustered and annoyed I am close to just letting it go........one less thing I have to sit at the computer to do. So if you get an ecard from me this year (instead of a paper one), try not to judge!
I am also sending you peace and quiet acceptance and presence (so different from presents ;)
And in return you may feel free to send me organization skills and anti-procrastination juju. Send it on over!

Much love...Mrs. Mittens


Jamie said...

Cutest photo of your kids!!!

Housewife said...

I am wishing for those same gifts! Organization and anti procrastination.....cause I am in a rutt...and doing nothing!
Your photo is adorable. B is changing so much in looks.
Hope your christmas week is even lovelier than anticipated.