Thursday, December 08, 2011

Gum Lovers

My kids love gum. Me not so much - gum trouble.
However, they love it so much and Mr. Mittens has taken to bringing it home for them often as a special treat. It's generally the first thing they ask for when he walks in the door.
Now Mr. Mittens is good for gum (mostly the sugar free minty variety) but he has a secret weapon.
The Gum Lady at work. All varieties of fancy special fruity yummy gum from exotic lands (like Mexico!) Apple Pie flavor! Fruity gum shaped like stars! Squirty gum! The kids are in heaven.
So thank you Sam, wonderful Gum Lady. My kids adore you and they haven't even met you :)

p.s. As I write this I have just discovered a chewed piece of gum stuck to my chair and my butt. No joke. And this folks is why mom's don't like gum.


Daisy Patch said...

Ha Ha. I totally understand. "G" used her tooth fairy money to buy a package of gum the other day and I keep finding it everywhere! These pictures of "E" are adorable.She looks lovely in pink. :)

Housewife said...

lol....oh my goodness! I loved the PS!
How sweet that they get special gum and that it's Daddy's treat.
Love Miss Bubblegum's pics. The very last one is adorable. That look.

I hide the Bup just eats the whole package. He was better with gum at 2yrs old than he is now. Annnnd...our boys don't like anything minty as they think it's hot.

I'm not a big gum chewer either as my jaw hurts later, but B is a chewer. Maybe it's a guy thing?