Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tiny Dancer

The Babe recently started taking her first dance classes. And it is just about the coolest thing ever!

She's been 'entertaining' us on the coffee table at home for a little while now so we decided it was time for some big girl dance classes. And by 'classes' I mean a room full of 3-4yr olds running around while their patient teacher tries to get them to focus long enough to figure out how to skip. Or point their toes. Or stand still for 2 seconds. It's not a formal class, but more about creative movement. Babe calls it 'ballet-ing. As in, I'm ballet-in'.

Parents aren't regularly allowed to stay in the room during class time (too disrupting) but we had a few minutes to observe at the end of class on her first day. My sassy, outspoken, uncooperative child was a model student!
She listened and focused and followed directions. In fact she was quite serious about the whole business. Although a couple of times her very serious face caught mine and burst into a huge beaming smile.

At the end of class Miss Babe was not ready to be finished and she asked if she could have one more dance. Her teacher played one more piece of music just for her. Bliss!
It was one of those moments that was kind of magical for both of us.

I tried to sneak a few shots in during her last class. And when she realized I wanted to take her picture I got 'spazz-face'. That's her favorite thing to do when I try to take her picture these days. Then she likes to look at her goofy pictures in the camera. She cracks herself up. Spazz Girl.


Daisy Patch said...

aaawwww! Very sweet. The babe looks very much "at home" in her little dance outfit :)

noble_savage said...

I love the pure look of joy, spazzy bliss, and intense concentration while in que.
Lucky you to enjoy the girlie stuff!
However, after witnessing the Bee's robot dance moves...he's the bomb!....I think that boy deserves a lesson or two. Hip hop is my vote!

Jamie said...

Aw - too cute!!