Monday, January 17, 2011

Royal Tyrrell

Whuhoo, dinosaurs!
We ventured out as a family one freezing cold day to go visit the museum. We've never taken the kids before and thought it would be a great way to spend the day. And it was.
One advantage to going in the winter is that is wasn't busy at all. We had a lot of room to ourselves.
Of course the disadvantage to going in the winter is we couldn't play and explore outside.
Oh well, I guess we'll just have to go back again!


Mrs. M said...

Did your boys just love it?!
I think W would too. Did you see the disgustingly cool HUGE live cockroaches? The soft shelled turtles?

And how cute and fashion forward is Miss E with her braid and scarf. A scarf! On a 3 yr old. You rock L!

Mrs. M said...

One more thing...
Okay, your blog header and description is just disgusting and hilarious at the same time. Oh Mrs're something else!;)

Jamie said...

Love all your photos!!