Tuesday, February 15, 2011

6th Birthday Party

So, I managed to make it through the first 5 years without a 'proper' birthday party. It's not that I don't like birthdays or parties, just the ensuing chaos of a house full of sugar fueled toddlers/preschoolers is a bit too much for me. And I am so 'not martha', sadly. But we've always had a celebration with family.

Now here we are at 6, and the kids know.
We've always had cake and presents but they know now that the other kids have parties with friends. And lots of gifts. And games and balloons and all the rest of it.

And so we had a full-on birthday PARTY!
Robots vs Dinosaurs (who can pick just one?).
We rented a room at the community center. Invited friends. Painted birthday shirts. Borrowed a bouncy castle. Made some cakes and had some fun.
The kids helped decorate by helping me draw and color banners. We played a few games. We made robot necklaces from beads and string and beads and bolts and washers.
We built 'robots' from cardboard boxes and miscellaneous recycling items. They were awesome.
We danced like robots and dinosaurs. We ate chocolate cake (Bug) and carrot cake (Bee). We opened presents and ran and bounced and made lots of noise.
I think the boys had a great time.

I didn't manage to get a lot of photos, as often happens when you are busy 'in the moment' so here are a few and the lovely Mrs. M was thankfully handy with her camera and I will post a few more later too.
As is often the case, when we get together with good friends and family my heart is full with gratitude. Thank you for the love and all your helping hands. And I'm thankful for the two tiny boys who have grown and made us laugh and challenged us and inspired us with their curiosity and passion. Happy Birthday boys!
Love Mom


Jamie said...

That looks AWESOME - whatever, "Martha!" Ha ha! BTW, I heard rave reviews on Sunday from little EH! :)

Margo said...

Well, we were just thrilled to be included and LOVED every minute of it!
I really do think it was the best bday bash we have attended. Creative, fun, no refereeing, yummy, clean food, and the kids had a blast too!
I am still amazed at a certain Bee's robot dancing skills!
You've got a couple of sweet 6 yr olds there Missus.