Saturday, January 08, 2011

Blue Guitar

My lovely sister is learning to play this gorgeous blue guitar. How cool is that?
(My other lovely sister is making herself a pair of shoes. But that's another story...)



tractor-grandpa said...

You take such great pictures. They tell a story within the short stories you tell when you put your pictures in the blog.

Two Mittens said...

thanks Dad!

Daisy Patch said...

Nice Shi-shi pictures.Love the guitar :)

five out east said...

Gorgeous! Love the haircut!

Mrs. M said...

Shi looking all grown up! Not that she didn't before. But different somehow and it's not just the missing locks! Love it! Just something...something in her face and eyes.
A BLUE guitar? So cool!
That's awesome that she's learning to strum...I've always thought guitar would be so hard!
Gorgeous photos as always....My faves are 1 & 5.