Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chillin' Thanksgiving

The kids and I have been to the amusement park several times ourselves, but it's a whole different experience when Daddy comes along! And all decorated up for Halloween. Even though it's Thanksgiving!

In this kind of situation it is wildly clear how different my boys are. I have one daredevil and one, not so daring.
The Bug was so excited to have Daddy go with him on the log ride, and his ultimate The Roller Coaster...and not the kid one, the BIG ONE. My five year old on the BIG ROLLER COASTER. He also likes the big swings and the drop of doom.
He's a lot of fun to go on rides with too, just to listen to him giggle with delight!

Sometimes The Bee doesn't want to be left out, and will agree to go on a ride, but then squeeze his eyes shut tight. I have to give him credit for pushing himself to be brave, when it's clearly not where he's comfortable.
Strangely, The Bee's favorite thing is the haunted house. He loves it.

Any other time we've gone, The Bee has wanted to play the games. And I always say no. I don't like them. Probably because I'm no good at them, and does anyone ever win those things?? Just a waste of time/money.
BUT, we were going all out this time and so we played. The kids tossed a few balls. Then the boys threw a couple of basketballs. The Bee got one in but didn't win anything. And then they tried to knock over some fuzzy monsters with baseballs. A couple of tries and nothing (even Daddy tried). One more game.
And then The Bee hit 3 of those fuzzy dudes, IN A ROW! My five year old won himself a prize! He was so cute. And so proud. He knew he could do it!
(and yes, then we had to buy weird stuffed animals for the other two, so that everyone was happy)

It was so fun to watch them having fun in their very different ways. To see them shine. We had a great day as a family with our favorite Auntie Shishi.
And then we went home and didn't have turkey. But that's another post...


Daisy Patch said...

I love the picture of the babe against the height chart.She looks kind of disappointed.

Westonhome said...

We miss you guys! Looks like you have been having a great fall!

Mrs. M said...

Interesting how happy thrill boy is the one I expect to be a little more subdued and timid about thrill seeking.....
The weird stuffie...looks like a relative to one that our dog is currently sleeping with.:)
Great colors in your shots....like the green