Thursday, October 07, 2010

Poetry Bites

Red Sings From The Treetops

"Red splashes fall trees,
seeps into
every vein
of every five-fingered leaf.
Red swells on branches
bent low.

Red: crisp, juicy


This Is Just To Say

to Bobby

What Girls Want

Girls want a lion with a great shaggy mane.

Girls want a horse fast and sure.

Girls want a coyote that sings with his heart.

Girls want an eagle, soaring through the mountains.

Girls want a breeze that whispers its name.

Girls want a snowfall that makes the world new.

Girls want a dog that wags all over.

Girls want a cat that purrs to the moon.

Girls want a hedgehog that carries its own armor

but doesn't


use it.

Just to let you know.

by Maria

I have a poetry crush on Joyce Sidman!

1 comment:

Mrs. M said...

love it!
Red, red, red....
The hedgehog and the armor? Just puts a smile on my face.