Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Haunted House

Ok, I don't think it's really haunted, but it's definitely scary at times!

I don't have a mantle to decorate anymore (tv on top of the fireplace) so I took over the table near our entryway. And we have a great big bay window in the kitchen that we've filled with window clings and things (like sticky fingerprints). And this cool chandelier from the dollar store. It's only paper, but I like it! The fabric garland is from last year.

I also made a garland out of skeletons and fabric scraps and clothes pins and photos. I love taking little bits and pieces of things I have already and making them into something fun.

I think our most favorite thing (so far) is our 'art project'. I've had a few treats and toys lately to provide incentive (bribe) the kids to be more helpful/cooperative. We did the 'art project' in a few steps over a couple of days. It kept their interest and I was able to stretch it out a bit.

I asked Mr. Mittens to cut up some wood. Then the kids each sanded, put on a base coat, painted and picked out pictures to mod podge onto their blocks. Awesome! And again, pretty cheap (I had most of the supplies and got the cute paper cuts on sale at Michaels).
We all had fun! (and yes, my walls are a weird 'dusty plum' color. that's another post)


Daisy Patch said...

very cool! As for the dusty plum walls ... on my computer they look brown LOL!

Two Mittens said...

the brown would be an improvement!

Jamie said...

So cute!!!