Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year

Wow. Here we are another year. Another decade!
10 years ago I was in Bali. I had just spent New Year's eve climbing a volcano with my Charming Sweetheart (not yet hubby, and some other tourists and some Indonesians) to watch to sun come up over the mountain top to celebrate the new millenium. And the world did not self destruct! Not in that moment anyway. I was 29 years old and I knew that some of the most exciting events of my life were likely to happen in the next few years.
So now 10 years later I am married to my Charming travel companion. I have twin boys and a daughter. I am not climbing volcanoes this year, but my boys will turn 5 and start kindergarten. We will likely change where we live. My baby will turn 3 and I will turn 40. Charming Husband is hard at work with great aspirations.
There are a ton of areas in my life that could use improvement. Oh my list of resolutions could go on and on...
But besides the perpetual self improvement aspirations, I'd like to focus on some creative goals this year. Which is great fun with all the talent available at my fingertips! I'd love to take on online photography course or perhaps even a workshop in person...dare to dream! I KNOW.

And thanks to you all my sweet family and creative friends. The ones I know in person, and the ones who share the blog-love. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for your comments and support. Thanks for your encouragement. Thanks for your great ideas. Thanks for making my days more than laundry and emptying the dishwasher!

And Happy Happy Happy New Year 2010!

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mc said...

Happy New Year! All the best!