Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Baby Girl 31 Months

Oh my baby girl. Such a woman of extremes. This months theme seems to be, am I a baby? or am I a big girl? Or maybe I'm a teenager?

At times she wants to play baby and will ask me to wrap her up and carry her in my arms. And so I do. And the next minute she is fiercely independent and DOES NOT require any help, thank you very much. And then she's crying because she can't get her socks on.

We play this little game where we make a scowly face and then a happy face and back and forth until we start laughing. It's always funny.

The Babe and The Bug are pretty tight these days. He can be really sweet with her and plays happily with her and her toys (not flinging them around the room like certain 'other' brothers).

The three of them together, however, are like a little cliche in jr. high. They constantly natter on about who is friends with who and who likes the other and on and on....and on. Non-stop nattering. It drives me crazy. The Babe tries her hardest to make sure she is a full-fledged member of the group and not just the little sister. She is always keeping up. Always trying to be an equal. And she does a good job of it. It's a little scary what my sweet baby learns from her big brothers though.

me: I love you
Babe: I love you poopy (crazy giggling)
(they've also taught her to say 'toopid'. nice)

I am the oldest child in my family. Of all my cousins. I never felt the need to keep up with anyone. Too exhausting! I'm sure her fearlessness and drive will serve her well in life. And I hope that she will have the chance to figure out that she doesn't have to keep up. And those big brothers better watch out!


Brooke said...

She is too cute. By the way, I LOVE that chair. I am dying to see your house one day, I have a feeling you have some awesome stuff in there.

Mrs. M said...

Oh she's a little sprite isn't she?! The facial expressions you capture are precious!
Funny...Bup and I do the same thing with the funny faces...he starts out with "Wook. At. Me. Mommy." then furrows his little brows and off we go mimicing each other..too fun!

YoJo said...

I can really see you in her in these shots... Wow. Especially the eyes. Little Lars. :)