Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moving To The Country

Well, it's not a farm or anything, but it's a small community about 20 minutes outside the city. We've been talking about this for a while now. We even tried selling our house, but I guess the timing wasn't right. Now we've found a place we like (dusty pink walls and all) and have made an offer which has been accepted.
HOWEVER...we still have to sell our house in the city. Where we still live. The sooner the better.

Which brings us to my 'favorite' point. Trying to have a house ready to show, while still living in it with 3 small, but lively children. The constant picking up and stashing all our personal affects, to give the illusion of a homey home where NO REAL PEOPLE LIVE is exhausting. Did I mention the children. Yes, they are ever so helpful. And 'lively'. And the constant state of 'flux' we find ourselves in...I can't keep track of where everything is 'put away'. And no, I am not an organized-brain person. This is all a special kind of hell to me.
Ironically my husband considers the new tidiness and de-cluttering a special kind of heaven. Even if it's fake.

Note to Universe:
Please send someone to love (or just really like) and buy our current home. And send them right over!
Thank You.

And while I'm not 100% excited about moving, I am warming up to the idea. There are some great points about our new locale.
- lots of space in the house (not that we are cramped here, but it's nice to have open space)
- more room in the yard (one of our favorite things, lots of trees)
-hot tub and sauna (of course the kids will be thrilled with the new 'pool')
-husband loves being away from the noise of the city
-lots of outdoor places to play (skating rinks, pathways, river, playground, etc) It's good for little boys and girls, and big boys and girls too.
-fantastic new school (I went out to check out the kindergarten program and it's amazing - the whole school looks/sounds amazing)
-remodeling (it will be fun to take our time and update the 80's theme - not fun while you're in the middle of it, but when it's finished!)
-I like the idea of having friends over (big and little) and enjoying our surroundings. We're hoping we can lure people to come out and visit/play!

And the stuff I'm still working on:
-all the driving (I almost ran out of gas on my way back from the school. Yes, I know, better planning on my part)
-it will now take an hour of driving to go to the gym. Will have to revise work out plans.
-we have some great neighbors here. The kids and I will really miss them. Part of my problem is that I worry we won't meet any other really great people. It's probably not the case, but it's a fear. Although I've told the kids that we'll meet new friends. And we can visit our friends here.
-I will miss our ward at church. I'm not super easy to get to know and it takes me a while to settle in with new people. I know we're not leaving the country or anything and we'll see them again, but it's not the same. I will miss the company and friendships we've made here.

And now I have some laundry to find and a million bins to fill...


tlr said...

Good luck with the move...they are a lot of work! Sad to hear you are going...when do you take possession?

Daisy Patch said...

Being out of the city is a good thing :) but its nice to be just close enough.

If your going to where I think you are,
it might actually be easier for me to come visit you!That would be fun.

I hope everything works out for you.Sell! house Sell!

Jamie said...

Selling your house with kids is stressful. I put away most of their toys. Luckily it didn't take long to sell, but they were going to be a little bored if it had!! ;)
We will miss you!! I'm sad you are moving, but at least it's not too far! You will love it out there! (Assuming I know where you are moving to...)

Westonhome said...

We will really miss you guys on the street and at church! When I told Jordan the other day he was really sad. You guys will love it out there and if you ever feel the need to visit the old street you know you can come on over any time! I hope you find some great people to love your house too (preferable with 4 kids that all match my kids ages :)

mc said...

Good luck in this new adventure! Hope the house sells soon!

Mrs. M said...

The stress of a homey staged unlived in home...ugh. Been there. Thank goodness for the van with a DVD!
Give yourself some're easier to get to know than you think...and when one has kids, well, they force us into those situations.
Where will you go to church? North to the next town?
We'll make more of a concerted effort and you know I'm always up for a drive through the foothills/mtns.
Sending you sell the house, super new neighbor vibes.
Hey! I know a wonderful shaman - medium who will be in your new neighborhood...she's lovely!

Mrs. M said...

One more thing...can I admit that I'm a little jealous? It's weekly that I say we need to get out of the city so the kids can run & play and explore and know nature and we can build a 12 foot cement retaining wall around the permimeter to keep them in!

Two Mittens said...

hey you guys are awesome - and you're all invited to come out and play!