Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby Girl 28 Months

Yikes, this is late. I think it's fair to say that September just blew by. And it was beautiful. I can't believe those golden sunny days are gone already. And oh my little Miss. She is busy and loud and full of energy and bold and shy sometimes and sassy and bossy and adventurous and funny. Sometimes I tell her she's bossy (when she's bossing me around) and she'll just turn around and say, 'No, YOU bossy!'. But really she likes to boss us all around. She talks quite well and she loves to tell us what to do. Or not do.
She has become quite particular about things. Even more than she already was. It can be quite a battle just to get her dressed most days. Her favorite outfit of the moment is a little t-shirt that's almost too small and tights (not leggings) just tights. And nothing else. And she doesn't appreciate mean ole' Mom trying to make her respectable by wearing ANYTHING OVER THEM. Thank you very much. Basically she doesn't appreciate much from Mom these days and will say 'No' just because she can. Please don't let this be forward 10 years. YIKES.

She loves to run and especially to hide. One of her favorite haunts is to grab a cereal box from the pantry and hide out in front of the washer and dryer while enjoying her snack. Little cereal crumbs leave a suspicious trail.

Because her daddy and I are also sneaky we have found a way to exact our revenge. We tiptoe into her room before we go to bed and night and tuck her in. She never has covers on and sometimes she'll sit up or shake her sleepy head at us. Not too sure what we are up to. I like to pick her up and hug her tight, smell her fuzzy blonde head, kiss her cheek and then tuck her back in and snuggle her up with blankets. She's too sleepy to fight or to yell NO or try to run away. And we can't resist her!


Peace Sweet Peas said...

two words SO ADORABLE

rockstar said...

she is so cute! Love the photos, you really are amazing.

Daisy Patch said...

Little E is beautiful just like her mommy!