Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Old and Busy

Whew, isn't this a busy week??? I KNOW. I'll do a bit more catching up and fun photos and more blathering on real soon...
In the meantime, I thought I'd share a special moment. I was talking to the tall lovely red haired girl who works at my LadyGym and she's taking design in school and I'm all, 'hey I went to art school' and she asks, 'where' and I tell her and go on to explain that it was like 10 years ago. And then I painful thought hits me that it was like A MILLION YEARS AGO!!! Back when dinosaurs were just discovering computers!!
The only thing that made me feel the teensiest bit better was that she's named after a Disney movie. Has it been that long already, hello 1989??
Nice chatting with you Ariel...
(seriously, long red hair!)

p.s. LOVE all your happy lists below!

1 comment:

Mrs. M said...

Oh man, she must have young parents! Ariel....That's hilarious!
I LOVED that movie and still have a copy...W loves it too. Must be the flowing red locks. many things are so long ago now....who ever thought that college would become a thing of the past?
I had that feeling recently while talking about my travels to Germany, Czech Republic & France....10 years past!
Love that you're enjoying the LadyGym. Good for you!