Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Nines

I'm not super huge into numerology but I do like numbers. Yeah not counting them or anything mathlike, but patterns. Or something like that. I remember on my 9th birthday thinking it was cool that I was nine years old on the 9th day of the 9th month in 1979.
And now it is 30 years later (yeesh) and again it's the nines. Only it's 30+9 on the 9th day of the 9th month in 2009. I'm not really sure what all the nines mean, only that it's a freakish occurrence. Or maybe it's not. But I think it's cool. And it doesn't happen very often.

In numerology the number nine is often associated with humanitarianism. I'm not going to get all Jolie on you here but I thought we'd have some fun.

I've never done a giveaway before but let's have one!
There are nine of my favorite photos in this post. After nine days (ends midnight Sept 18th) I will pick (randomly) nine winners. Winners choose which image (of the nine) you'd like and I'll send you a 5X7 print. That is my gift to you.

Here's how to play along.
I've decided that my mantra for the year will be to 'enjoy more'. I'm going to take a little more time to savor the little things that make me happy.
So leave a comment with nine things (more or less) that is a simple (or grand) pleasure in your life. Be specific. Favorite songs, books, movies, treats, activities, bubble bath, smells, textures...something I might want to try.
And that is your gift to me. Because it's my birthday!

Here's my current list:
1. I joined the Lady Gym. It's amazing how just an hour or so to yourself can feel so good. Even if you're sweatin' to the the electronic version of Billy Joel songs.
2. Gelato. I have 4 tubs of it in my freezer right this minute. 4 TUBS. Heaven.
3. Micheal Jackson on the radio again. I know he was crazy and kind of creepy but in 1983 he was beautiful and amazing. I still love those songs. I'll even take the Rihanna mix...
4. I recently read all 4 Twilight books in a couple of weeks. That was just SO FUN! Getting lost in another world...
5. Driving husbands car (which is not a mini van) on the highway really fast (but not too fast) and listening to loud music. No children were involved in this incident.
6. Shopping at thrift stores. I can't help it. I call it the Grandma gene. I get a thrill from finding a treasure or from making something out of almost nothing. Just like my Grandma.
7. I'm not really super retro (except for MJ and some Prince maybe) but just try not to dance to this song!
8. The smell of the woods. You should seriously smell them.
9. Photography projects. And collaborations with friends. I'll let you know how they turn out!


Alyson said...

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to You. Hope it is a great day.

mc said...

Happy Birthday!!
Nine happy things:
1. Feeling nervous and excited when going to pick up the kids at school/daycare. I don't know why this happens!
2. Reading in bed while my husband watches TV.
3. Running fast (or trying to).
4. Discovering new blogs.
5. Kids drawings.
6. Tight hugs
7. Getting lost in a corn maze (so much fun!).
8. Chocolate, lots of it.
9. Vacations in Maui

Michele P. said...

Happy Birthday!

Nine things:

1. Kisses from my kids or hearing I love you-I'm never tired of that!
2. A nice, relaxing dinner out with hubby-and good conversation.
3. Fried ice cream with honey and chocolate drizzled over it.
4. A frozen strawberry margarita and a long straw to sip it through.
5. Coconut or tropical scented candles.
6. A good haircut and relaxing scalp massage.
7. A cat curled up next to me while I read a good book.
8. Posting on my blog and meeting new bloggers like you!
9. The warm sunshine streaming in through a window, winters can be so long and dreary here in Maine.

micaela6955 at msn dot com

The Nutt House said...

Happy Birthday!

Nine things I love
1. my husband
2. my kids
3. beautiful sun sets
4. creating just about anything
5. relaxing at the beach
6. watching a chick flick and crying for no reason
7. teaching gymnastics
8. taking pictures
9. looking at all my cousins blogs, makes me feel good to see them so happy!

Daisy Patch said...

Happy "9" birthday

Things that bring a smile to my face.

1.A big glass of ice cold coca-cola mmm...
2.Chocolate anything
3.Beautiful flower gardens
4.Soft grass between my toes
5.The sweet smelling wind that often happens in the spring
6.Fall,particularly the warm glow on everything,cozy sweaters and the smell of dry leaves.
8.Taking pictures and seeing them come out the way I planned.
9.My family and watching them grow

Mrs. M said...

Happy Birthday my friend! Hope you were spoiled by Mr. TM!:) the 9's Bday Giveaway...very creative! list of 9...hmmm
1. A baby belly. A lovely, hard, round pregnant baby belly.
2. Laughing. Loud, tear falling, stomach hurting, can't breathe or talk laughing.
3. Playing card games with my mom & siblings...when we become goofily competitive and the crazy laughter takes over.
4. Sleep. Complete uninterrupted long hours of sleep.
5. Singing. Choir with my 80's friends, as in age. Listening to my son sing loudly while he's in the shower.
6. Spicy Cheese. Jalapeno infused cheese. Mmmm...which is such a treat since we've been dairy free. There's none in our house. Zip. Zero. Nadda!
7. A good bikini wax.
Ha! Kidding! But the whole idea of lazer hair removal thrills me.
8. Seeing the world through a different point of view....a etc.
9. The kindness of strangers. Ex: a lady who opened her package of cookies and shared them in a grocery line up at xmas time when the line ups were loooooooong....a fella who opened his toilet paper and gave me a roll in a store, when my son bonked his face & was bleeding....when a stranger comments on my eyes (does that make me vain? Maybe #9 should be vanity!), etc, etc.
There's my list...for today anyway. It's rather longwinded, but THAT should be no surprise.
And how would anyone pick a fav pic? They're all awesome. I think I vote for the tomatoes & the last sunflower...and the swings.

Jamie said...

Oooo how fun!! So when I saw it was your birthday (you know, via good ol' Facebook), it didn't even click that it was the same day as 09/09/09. Aren't you a lucky girl? :)
My Nine:
1) Cuddling with my boys - especially when it includes getting attacked with kisses and hugs.
2) Having my hair played with, or my back drawn on. Feels so good...
3) Driving down a country road with the sunshine beating down on me and some good tunes blaring. Don't forget to sing at the top of your lungs.
4) Being barefoot. Can't take that for granted here in Calgary.
5) Staying in PJ's until late in the afternoon.
6) Including whipped cream in the dinner menu (it's always OK on waffles!)
7) Fudge. Need I say more?
8) Blog browsing/online window shopping while watching trashy television. The trashier the better.
9) Watching my boys play nicely together. It's oh-so-rare...

tlr said...

Hope you had a wonderful day!
My nine.
1. Being with my family, cuddles, laughing, reading
2. Watching Flinstones with the children, family time
3. The smell of rain in the air
4. Baking yummy new foods
5. Working out and watching my crap TV
6. Sleeping babies
7. finding that sweet spot with the bat and hitting a ball, oh do I miss that feeling
8. Listening to the children giggle
9. Being in my bed reading a good book....

Shishi said...

More birthday festivities to come! Yay! I couldn't resist joining in the 9 birthday fun:
1. Hugs, kisses and snuggles from the Bug, the Bee and the Babe.
2. The smell of clean laundry.
3. Short fingernails.
4. G√Ęteau - need I say more?
5. All things French.
6. Finding clothes I love at H&M and Joe.
7. Talking about, making and eating great food with my sister.
8. Watching old movies - Judy Garland, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, all the greats.
9. Making pretty things.