Monday, August 03, 2009

Catching Up

It's been SO HOT. So we've been spending most of our time outside. Which is great except that nothing much else gets done. I guess that's what summer is all about. So it's not so bad to have a rainy day now and then to catch up. But if it rains all week....

Anyway, The Bee had done his own catching up. No more training wheels!! We're pretty sure he could have done it a while ago, but he finally got confident enough to make his move. And once he did there was no stopping him. Just a couple of tries and he was racing up and down the street. He's much faster now. And it makes family bike rides a whole lot more fun. Hurray!
I love that smile on his face.

And speaking of catching up...Mr. PoopyPants has become Mr. PoopsInThePotty. HURRAY!!! You think the day is never going to come and then one day you realize that you haven't stuck your hand in the toilet for a day or two. Fantastic! Let's all do the happy dance.

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Mrs. M said...

I'm happy-dancing for both boys! Yay for the Bug...yay for the Bee...rights of passage ( and I totally don't mean for their to be a pun there!!)