Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Girl 27 Months

Ah this mamma loves me some summer babes! I love the way their hair lightens and their little arms and legs get brown (yes, we do use sunscreen but we're outside a lot and even I am a darker shade of beige). I love the tiny shoulders on my uncooperative Baby Girl. She wasn't terribley cooperative in any of these photos, but I love her to bits even with pouty face.

And trust me this girl LOVES the tomatoes, so she is not the least bit unhappy, just not showing it. Our little tomato plants have a ton of tomatoes on them. The trouble is they barely get a chance to ripen before they are snapped off and gobbled up. I've given up trying to convince them to wait. The Babe is especially impatient as she picks anything the slightest shade off green. Who am I to argue?!

We're all trying to enjoy these last days of summer. The light and the sun and the color. Often we don't even try to get a nap in so we can just enjoy the afternoon outside. Not that she's been napping much even when we try. At least she goes to bed well. The funniest thing is in the morning when she calls to us, 'GET OUT. ALL DONE. GET OUT.' Meaning of course that she is all done sleeping now and would like to get out of her room. Thank you very much.

In her personal opinion she is way to big for her high chair and hates being strapped in it (although she has quite a tendency to wander if she is allowed to sit with the big kids).
She still likes to get dressed and lately has been asking to wear dresses. I'm happy to oblige. I made the yellow dress from this great tutorial. Even though summer is almost over I couldn't resist. We'll take all the sundresses and blueberries and tomatoes and sunshine and days outside we can get!


Jamie said...

That dress is too cute! So is your adorable daughter!!

Mrs. M said...

I love it all!
Great lighting...great dress (I want one for me! Wouldn't be quite as cute though...a little "Mrs. Roperish" on me...)....great girl! And for the record...I love the pouty face too!:)