Monday, August 03, 2009

Baby Girl 26 Months

Little Miss Independent. Oh how she tries. Today at the grocery store she refused to hold my hand and shoved her hands in her hoodie pockets to make sure. But at the same time she will cry and make a fuss if I try to go anywhere without her or leave her at nursery (where she has always happily gone).
She stands on the edge of the tub (surrounding shelf) every day while I try to get ready and splashes water all over (she figured out the tap) while I try to wash my face and brush my teeth. She will stick her hand in anything she can reach and loves to find the lotion to smear all over. It's incredibly sweet yet aggravating at the same time. She is still in the land of extremes.
Extremely adorable and extremely fierce. Extremely playful and extremely willful. Wild and sweet. Sassy and loving. Teasing and laughing then crying and then laughing again. Such is the life of a two year old.
She tries so hard to do everything her big brothers do. She mimics them, good and bad. It can break your heart how she wants to be such a big girl. All that determination. You also have to admire it.
She and The Bee are becoming quite good friends. Again with the extremes. They are fighting one minute and the next he is hugging her and helping her put on her shoes. The Bug has his moments too, but he is more inclined to be busy with his own business to pay too much attention.
One of our favorite lines lately is 'gimme a kiss'. It's usually at bedtime and sometimes she will and sometimes she won't cooperate depending on how hard she's trying to drag it out. But when she demands GIMME KISS, you better pucker up. And if you're lucky she'll pat your cheek and give you a kiss right back.


Daisy Patch said...

I love the one of E standing in the doorway.She is so cute!

Mrs. M said...

Gorgeous! I love her funny little self & that she demands Gimme Kiss! How could one ever resist!