Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I Think The Poop Is Winning

Yes, this post should be about the past month and all the fun and cuteness of three year olds and 18 month olds, but alas...my day is just one big succession of poop.
When the coughing and sniffles start, I cringe a little because I know it will mean a painful loss of sleep and all the trappings that come with it. But in reality I will always take a hacking cough and a snotty nose over the dreaded poop.
EVERY YEAR. Always around November our family contracts some sort of disgusting bug that morphs and lingers. My CH and I usually get some form of it as well, just for fun. We like to share.
But it is the poop that is killing me.
I woke up at 6 am to scrape and poop off a small boy and the RUG. And I've lost count of how many fresh bubbly tubs I've had to drain and disinfect in the past few days. TOO freakin' MANY.
And the in-between is just a steady supply of stink.
There are just so many things that you cannot fully comprehend before you have kids. No one tells you that the cute, the lovable, the wonderment of childhood comes completely covered in pooh.
Instead of those fake babies and sacks of flour, I welcome any and all teenagers to spend a day changing diapers at my house. I guarantee a genuine dose of reality!


Go Cards said...

So I love it! I totally am in the same boat, and it's aweful. So happy to catch up!

Ms. Mamma said...

Oh TM! That sucks! I've been really lucky as far as poop is concerned, but then I rescued TWO wayward pugs and well...things are much better than they were. I have been extremely lucky with SF...but we're leaving for Mexico on Sunday so I'm kind of thinking HOLY SHIT...please, don't get the shits! Just remember, this too shall pass, o' mother of gorgeous bambinos. Hope your holiday is merry and super fresh smelling! xo

Jamie said...

Ugh - that SUCKS. I'm sorry!

Darcy said...