Friday, December 12, 2008

45 Months

So two very *exciting* things happened in November at our house.
1. It snowed.
This is always cause for excitement. The boys LOVE being outside in the snow. And of course it always takes forever to get all their gear on, but it's usually worth it in the end. They love playing in the snow. And it usually keeps them pretty happy for quite a while.
2. We got a kitchen table.
OK, this sounds a bit lame, but we haven't had a kitchen table since the boys were babies. We have a really big island so we do have a place to sit and eat, but new chairs and a table were quite a cause for excitement. The Bug is a pro at putting things together and helping Daddy and The Bee took on the job of spinning everyone around in the new chairs. Hours of entertainment I tell ya!
And then Daddy took some great action shots of the boys and their 'super packing foamy' capes. Wheeeee! Super!

The Bug is loving books lately. Although when we go to the library regularly and he usually picks out a whole handful of movies. Which we may watch one or two in the van, but mostly he likes to pick them out and carry them around. Just because. But he is also really enjoying reading stories with me and talking about them, which is quite fun for both of us.
And while The Bug is generally quieter than The Bee, he is very friendly and not as shy meeting new people.

The Bee is still Mr. Chatter. From the minute he wakes up (usually first) until he falls asleep at night (he literally will be talking one minute and asleep the next) he is making noise. And his favorite question, of course, is WHY??? I try to answer as much as I can, but it usually ends with me saying, 'because that's just the way it works!'. He is curious and eager to try things on his own and loud and musical. He can really carry a tune. One day he was banging on something and I told him to stop making so much noise when he told me he was making music. I think with a little direction he will be making music indeed.

I think one of the most interesting things is to hear how they talk to each other. They taunt and tease one minute and lovingly look out for each other the next. I guess that's what brothers are all about.


Proud Granny said...

The love, laughter and enthusiasm these two inject into everything they do is so much fun to be around, and can be oh so tiring!

Go Cards said...

45 months uh!? When are you going to stop counting in months....*smile*