Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby Girl 18 Months

18 months old seems to be a very busy time for The Babe. Or Little Miss Thing. Or Little Misery. Depending on the kind of day or moment she's having.
The Babe is a very busy girl.
She spontaneously learned how to climb up on the top of the counter (after one day at Nana's house), and apparently use the vacu flo. (Which may be the secret to why our vacu flow seems to be plugged with a foreign/mystery object.)

She has VERY strong opinions about things. And will let you know how she feels. Or throw things. Or lay down on the floor and kick and scream so you get the picture.
And oh my goodness she is strong willed (so unusual in our family). She was getting in trouble for something with her daddy the other day and he was giving her the 'you'd better not do that' look and she just gave him stink eye right back without backing down an inch. And then the next moment she will giggle with a twinkle in her eye and you just have to kiss her sweet baby cheeks.

She loves to get dressed. Only everything is pants. And she loves to wear shoes. Anyone's really, but I think she has figured that her own stay on better. So she normally wears her favorite (easiest to put on) purple rubber boots around the house. Very stylish.

She is sassy and smart and loving with hugs and kisses, although she's pretty happy with smacking you too. She is not shy and loves going to nursery at church all by her big girl self. If I were a different person I might sigh with some sadness over my Little Miss Independent, but I'm too busy skipping down the hall to feel that twinge.
My little girl is definitely growing up, but in the most delightful way!


Proud Granny said...

Speaking from experience, you have to be the recipient of the stink eye to really appreciate it's power! But, oh, what a sweetheart.

Go Cards said...

What happens to all the time??

nana hugs said...

she is very stylish! and sooo cute