Saturday, September 06, 2008

Blue on Blue

I've been feeling 'blue' lately. Not blue/boo hoo/sad, but the color blue.
I find that at different times in my life I'm drawn to different colors.
When I was pregnant I had a craving for green. A beautiful vibrant 'living' green. So I went out and found a pair of earings with a perfect green stone in them. It was the perfect color.
And I have felt drawn to reds and yellows and pinks. Mostly warm colors.
But never blue.
I'm not a blue person for the most part. I have no blue in my house and not much in my wardrobe. I chose some light blue/green colors for the boys, but that's about it. Blue is generally a bit bland for my taste. Not that it can't be beautiful. Just not my thing.
But I guess it is right now.
Particularly navy blues and soft muted blues. Overcast skies and ocean shores.
(sorry 1980 electric blue, you still make me gag)
I keep thinking about these colors.

When I googled this is what I got,
Blue is the color of truth, serenity and harmony, by helping to soothe the mind. Blue is good for cooling, calming, reconstructing and protecting.

Which goes along with how I'm feeling I suppose. I feel like I have turned inward a bit. I'm trying to find some answers to some questions. Looking for change in a positive way. Searching for ways to establish more harmony and peace in my life and my home.
(Serenity Now!! I could be Frank Costanza)


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

I hope you find it all, the perfect shade of blue in something you enjoy, and mostly answers from introspection, peace, harmony & hope. They're invaluable.
Maybe it's the season? To me Sept is more like the New Year, than January. Which stems from our formative years & school, I suppose. Plus, it's birthday time!:) So it truly is a New Year for you! By the way, what are you doing for your birthday & this week? What's thursday look like for you? Any free time?

Jamie said... is my favorite color.
What!? You haven't completely decorated your home in 80's electric blue? Why ever not?

Go Cards said...

I too Love blue! even the electric! but I don't have leggings that color!
Have fun with blue and the wonderful color it is!