Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Faeder Lake Kayak

Away for the long weekend! Even if it's cold and the kids are sick, you can still enjoy a long weekend in August...

Boys and boats. We often spend most of our 'water time' in the river (throwing rocks or playing in puddles) when we visit Gamma and Gampa, but we thought we'd try out some calmer water.

The color of Faeder Lake is what you notice first. The clear aqua blues and greens are beautiful and the water is pristine. It looks shallow because you can see the bottom out quite far but it's not.
Daddy thought thought the boys would like to go for a spin.
Boating on the grass has its limitations!
The Bee wasn't quite sure at first, but he thought he's give it a try after The Bug gave his approval. Playing in the water is always fun!


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

It's like colored glass. Beautiful.
Love the reflection of D & one of the boys, Bee I think.
How awesome that they got to go kayaking! That's so cool. I'll have to show B & maybe he'll take W out...since we do have a kayak that's been a little neglected lately.
What wonderful memories you and D are making with your little family. Good stuff Mitten parents!

Peace Sweet Peas said...

40 does feel strange and I've been obsessing about it pretty much since I turnd 39 when I thought I was only turning 38. It just seems way to old to be me. Not to mention to be me pregnant...

I love to see the bee and bug in the boat. you guys seem to be having a ggggrreat summer!

Darcy said...

Those are some really awesome shots!!! Love em!