Friday, August 15, 2008

Circus Of The Sun

Because my husband is not only charming, but super-fantastic, he surprised me with tickets to see Corteo. And because he is spectacularly sensational he insisted on staying home with the kids (at mealtime/bathtime/bedtime) while my sister and I went to see the show.

And it was pure joy as I expected it would be!
There is always something magical about a live performance. We had front row seats, which is an experience unto itself. What we missed in getting an 'overview' we made up in being able to look into the faces of the performers and feel the air move as they rushed onto the stage.
My hubby asked if we could smell them. We totally could. That stage perfumey-make-up smell. Smell-o-vision.
I just love the way the Cirque Du Soleil combines music and dance and theatrics with pure athletic power. The final act was brilliant. It was like watching the beauty of Olympic gymnasts in gorgeous costumes and music and dance with an old man on a bicycle passing overhead.
And it had robots.

No cameras are aloud inside the Big Top, so these are a couple of shots from outside.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Tres cool!
Love the color of your pics.
Appreciate that drama make up smell...brings back memories too.
And really really love that you and Shishi were able to have a magical girls night. Wuhoo!!

Two Mittens said...

Thanks Mrs. M! It was refreshing to have a new adventure. The funny thing is that the show was a matinee and I was home before the boys were even in bed.
Although if I had known how smoothly things were going at home, I may have found something else to do for a while =)

Shimmy Shake said...

Wowza, that sounded like a wonderful night out. The final act sounded brilliant...robots and bicycles, so fascinating! The photos you took from outside were even intriguing. Glad you had such a spectacular evening, thanks for sharing!