Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Birthday Boy

ummm...this was for yesterday...!!
My dad is a handy guy. The handiest. In fact it was quite a shock in my adulthood when I realized that not all men are handy. Not at all.
My dad can fix just about anything. He could give McGyver a run for his money.

He's also the kind of guy who would do anything to help his kids or family or a friend/stranger in need.
He enjoys the outdoors and took my husband for his first kayak ride.
He loves his grandkids and enjoys spending time with them, and they especially like going for 'rides' on various wheeled apparatus. He's not afraid to comfort them when they're upset and he's always up for a cuddle or a hug.

We love you Dad.
Happy Birthday Grandpa!


Ms. Mamma said...

That is sweet! It looks absolutely stunning(landscape where they are).

Two Mittens said...

Thanks Ms. Mamma. We're really going to miss going out there. We're hoping to sneak in one more trip.