Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby Girl 14 Months

I think the theme for this month is 'on the move'. The Babe has taken giant steps in many ways. She has become more vocal with her opinion and 'attitude'. Which I'm sure I will battle with in the future but is pretty funny right now. She's not afraid to let her brothers know when to back off. She is such an animated little thing.

She's getting the hang of stairs more and more. Even going down.
She has really started to play and explore more on her own. She loves to be playing alongside the other kids and doesn't want to be left out.

She has been having fun in the backyard, trying out new things.

Here she is eating a little piece of lemon which I thought she'd spit out. Nope.

She's a busy girl, and busy girls need a nap sometimes.

In the past week The Babe has made huge progress in walking. She just decided to do it and grabbed my hand and took me all around. She is practicing like crazy now and can get around much better all by herself. I guess she is officially a toddler.

One of her favorite things is her new ride! The boys didn't want to share, even though they are quite too big for theirs, so The Babe had to get one too. Which The Bee promptly wanted to ride, as he must take over any new toys that enter the house. But she seems to prefer his car anyway, so it all works out.
Go Baby Go!


Peace Sweet Peas said...

Go BABY Go! Oh my goodness she is so adorable and getting so big. The part about the bug wanting her toys and her wanting his made me laugh. Looks like you've been having lots of fun outside too. Our pitiful swimmming pool has holes in it and I can't find half of the pump so we've been making do with bowls and bins of water and it seems to quite amuse them. Nothing happening on the job front but Tony did remind me today that it is summer and few decisions get made when lots of people are away.

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

How awesome! She looks so grown up on her little car and sweetness incarinate while sleeping. Is there anything more heart warming than a sleeping child?
The attitude & abilit to express it is funny & a little shocking...our babe's are side by side in this area, R started this past week as well. Blew me away the first day and opened my eyes that toddlerhood is on the horizon.
What a lovely little lady you have!

Shimmy Shake said...

Your daughter is beautiful - what lovely photos! So fun to see what 14 months will bring...she seems to really be on the go!

I do remember meeting you a couple of times at the Shaganappi health clinic. Fun to catch up via your blog!