Saturday, July 19, 2008

41 Months

Summer for the boys has been busy and pretty fun for the most part. Busy riding their new bikes (with training wheels).

And playing outside as much as they can. They have also started incorporating super hero capes (aka blankies) and jumping off of things with their super powers.

We've been so busy that I haven't even posted all the pictures from their adventures. I'm saving a few for another day because we have so many.
All that action can sure make a boy tired though! You never know when you might just fall asleep...

They are both still as headstrong and independent as ever. That's the nice way of saying they never agree with anything I try to get them to do. But maybe that will come in handy some day...??

We're at a standstill with the potty training at the moment. They are both quite successful if I specifically ask them and bribe them with a sticker, but they rarely make any effort to go themselves. When The Bug is successful he always let's out a triumphant cheer, 'I did it!'.
I'm finding it a bit difficult since it's a lot more challenging to accommodate when we're out playing and not at home. I guess we're all going to have to put more effort in to get it done.

Above all, the boys seem to becoming better and better friends all the time. They also know how to taunt and tease each other like pro's, and they have also joined forces at times (although not always in a positive way). It makes me happy to see them such good friends and partners in crime. We will work on using those powers for good!


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

All the pictures are great!
Love the freefall-superhero jump and the sleeping pictures. How DOES that happen? W is the energizer bunny. He would stay up forever...once until 1am even and NEVER crashed....*sigh*...
One thing any mom wants is for her children to be friends....isn't that lovely that they are? Warms my heart.

Jamie said...

Adorable boys - great pics. As for your boys joining forces for "evil", my oldest has definitely not gotten better with age - and I cannot even imagine if there were two of him! Hats of to you my friend!