Saturday, October 07, 2006

Old School

We have a new toy at our house.
By 'we' I don't mean me.
Or the kids.
Charming Husband has a new skateboard.
He spent much of his youth (misguided??) on a skateboard. He's old school. I don't really know what new school is, but I'm sure it's all fangly and shiny and not nearly as bitchin' as old school. And when you're a kid, it must be cool to have a dad who's a skater. Until you're old enough that it's totally not cool anymore.
Or you're too young to appreciate cool.
But The Bug and The Bee appreciate wheels. And a groovy lid.
The future Lords of Dogtown?


Peace Sweet Peas said...

I don't see your boys as the skateboarder types and much as those undersized bikes riders that kids do tricks on. But having a Daddy hanging out with you and showing you how it's done would definetly tilt the scale towards the boards. Is DH into winter sports? Will the boys be snowboarding? I entered a contest the other day for a bunch of snowboarding gear and you had to answer all these questions about what your favorite board and rider were etc. I had fun making stuff up and researching what size board I should have. I'd actually like teo win because I will never spend the money to buy all that stuff formyself but there is a ski "mountain" here and someday I'd love to take the girls and I'm sure skiing will too un-cool school for them!

Two Mittens said...

I'm sure Daddy will try lots of things with the boys. He knows how to ski, and has tried snowboarding, but not too much. He will have to practise.

Those little bikes are hilarious!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

lol...little sk8ter boyz