Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Charming husband has been spending a lot of time over at the new house lately and so between that and work, I feel like I'm spending about a million hours a day with the kids.

Not that they aren't lovely and adorable, but in order to keep my sanity, or any semblence of it, I'm trying to get out of the house when I can.

So I finally did it!
I took a short introductory class at One World Drum Co. Just enough to get a taste of what it's like, but I like! I thought I would, but I guess there is always the fear that you will be really terrible or something. Or the sad realization that you really have no rhythm white girl. But I think I kept up ok with the 12yr old girls and the teenage boy who were all better than the rest of the adults.
There is something very soulful and joyous about a roomful of people beating rhythms on a drum. It is all very heady and African.

Better late than never...my career as an African hand drummer has finally begun!!

p.s. The 'D' is silent. One of the valuable things I learned...Djembe


Alyson said...

Thats awsome. I wish I could take a class.

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Good for you! I'm looking forward to a demonstration!
Have you bought your own drum?

Two Mittens said...

Al, you should take a class! It's only $30 for the one I took.
I don't have my own drum yet, but I plan to get one!