Sunday, October 15, 2006

20 Months

This has been a busy month for the boys. It seems now more than ever that they are exploring everthing around them. They leave no stone unturned.

*I will add photos in a bit*

If something is up, it must come down. If it is closed, it must be opened. If something is full, it must be emptied. The Bug managed to through all the clothes out of a drawer, fill it with toys, then stand in it to reach the top of the dresser. Too clever for his own good.
They are tall enough to reach the top of the countertops, but not tall enough to see what is on it. This leads to a lot of grabbing of whatever they can reach and pulling it down, just to see what happens. If it is quiet, they must make noise. If it is out of reach, it must be reached.
If you have a bib on at dinnertime, The Bee must take it off. And while he's at it, this shirt is getting in the way too.
They are constantly in motion.

Things we are still working on:
The screaminess of McScreamy. Both of them. A few WORDS would go a long way here. Let's work on that.
Listening to Mommy. 'Come here' does not mean run away, run away, chase me, chase me.

It is also possible that they have never been more delightful and entertaining. They love to laugh and play games. They are more and more little people, and less and less little babies.

Things you can't see in photos:
The Bug has the silkiest, coolest cheek you could ever kiss. I can never resist putting my cheek up against his.
The Bee has the deepest heartiest laugh. It is impossible not to laugh when you hear him. The best kind of contagious.
The way they toddle and waddle when they run. Or try to jump. Hilarious.
The Bee has a very thoughtful and kind side, which seems unlikely for a boy his age. If his brother is unhappy he will often try to comfort him with a toy, or try to come to his aid. He also loves books.
The Bug is especially into legos at the moment. Not the regular smaller ones, but the medium size ones. He is fascinated by trying to put them together and take them apart again. He also likes stacking and arranging things.

Unfortunately they are both fascinated with our spice cupboard at the moment. The other day I followed a trail of garam masala from the kitchen to the living room, and all over The Bee. It still smells faintly of spices. I guess there are worse smells!

It will be interesting to see what the next month and all its changes will bring.

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Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Isn't it simply amazing to watch them develop? Who do you think learns more...children or parent?
Of course, it's slightly stressful, tiring and noisy, but amazing just the same.